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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to help our customers meet their natural living needs while making our products more accessible to a larger population through innovative and sustainable methods.
Our vision is to see more consumers choosing a healthy lifestyle resulting in more vibrant communities and a sustainable world for future generations.

Our values:


By partnering with both local businesses, and our suppliers, we aim to provide the best
selection and quality of products available.


Knowing where purchases come from and who produces them is a
cornerstone of the natural and organic products business. Our store will be seeking certification as a PA
Preferred vendor as a demonstration of our goal of bringing in local food.


The biggest hurdle to wider adoption of natural, healthy food is education. Through
events, workshops and other learning opportunities, we’ll reach out to show how worthwhile and
fulfilling natural living can be.


Our job will be two-fold:

  • Make products available in quantities that are affordable for customers to try them and learn
    how to use them.
  • Debunk retail myths about what’s pricey and what’s not. As wider adoption of our line of
    products occurs, prices will come down industry-wide.


A large portion of what we spend on goods and how they’re shipped and sold can be
removed from the equation. We aim to offer a near-zero waste shopping experience to both leave our
planet better than we found it and to drive down costs making our products more accessible.